SY Homes Ltd

Constructing Excellence

progressing this vision through continuous growth and land acquisitions. They recently committed to a programme of expansion with two developments in progress through 2019 and 2020, plus two new acquisitions with a GDV of £29Million.

As a small business and with each development running concurrently, integration and collaboration with trusted suppliers and contractors has played a key role across every stage, from concept, through building, to successful completions.

SY Homes worked with local architects Qu-Est on all three developments. They have a shared vision to create beautiful homes that exceed modern living standards, with an aesthetic sympathetic to the local area. For example, Albury Place is set in the heart of industrial Shrewsbury, surrounded by red brick factories and worker homes, canals and railway lines. The front aspects of our Townhouses resemble Victorian warehousing. The mews houses are similar in proportion to neighbouring terraces.  We combined 19th century heritage with the best modern construction methods and 21st century technology.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. We are proud of our selected supply chain and trusted contractors. This two-way relationship inspires loyalty, ca-maraderie for a pleasant work environment, and confidence that the finished product will be delivered to the high-est standards. This passion in our people is evident through to the final home that is proudly handed over to our clients and home buyers.
  2. We are proud of our holistic relationship with Shrewsbury and our Welsh client, based on good communication and ongoing commitment to various sectors, including residents of established neighbourhoods, local charities, town planners and council members, other local developers, and the Environmental Agency.
  3. We are achieving our commitment to growth and ROI, whilst still retaining the values of a family business and flex-ibility of a small enterprise. In 2021, this was achieved through the acquisition of two new development sites in Shrewsbury, our largest investments to date with a GDV of £29Million and capacity for 78 new homes. We have introduced a new management structure with two new Board members, maintained positive relations with our key investors, and grown our staff.