Stephen Healy

Steve has been nominated by his colleagues at B4Box because he has earned their respect as an outstanding young Site Supervisor and Future Leader in the industry.

Steve’s own words about his background:

“Growing-up I experienced some family problems and school became a struggle.  I felt the academic route wasn’t for me and I had to do something different, something practical with my hands, and construction stood-out so I went to college for two years to learn joinery”.

“When I finished college, I applied for over 40 construction jobs but I was always being rejected by firms because I had no site experience.  My employment advisors told me I should do any temporary work available so I ended-up working as a cleaner on a zero-hours contract.  It was a struggle to get by and I felt my life was going nowhere, but I didn’t give up on getting into construction”.

“I completed a pre-employment training course via the Job-Centre that led to me getting a full-time job with B4Box and a Multi-Trade apprenticeship.  From day one I started gaining on-site experience and learned a lot more in the workplace than I ever did at college.  Since then I haven’t looked back”.

Steve took his opportunity with both hands and completed his apprenticeship with excellent results.  Since then he has continuously pushed himself to develop and progress.  Steve’s positive attitude, hard-work and determination has led to more qualifications and fast-track promotions as he successfully rises to the responsibilities and challenges before him.

Steve, still in his twenties, is now the Supervisor of the Voids workstream at B4Box, comprising a team of 16 and is also a qualified Trainer and Assessor.  Probably, one of the few people in the country with this qualification and skills mix, almost certainly the youngest.