Review – Annual Conference on 30th November 2021: A Crucial Discussion Not to be Missed

Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence


After a year of cloud working and endless zoom meetings, we brought the Annual Constructing Excellence Conference back to London at Skyloft, 28th floor Millbank Tower, with tremendous success. This year we chose the theme of “Unlocking Value: An industry to be valued and be valued in”, focusing on understanding different forms of value in the construction industry. To face the challenge of the everchanging pandemic, we hosted the event both online and offline, attracting almost 300 professionals in the industry.


The construction industry needs change. Not only to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to support a better environment for our people, a better society, and a better condition for our planet earth. Following the COP26 summit, we believe the urgency for change is apparent. Conversations about how to implement change and maximise the impact that needs to happen, and we hope this conference can set the necessary foundation for these conversations to take place.


We are incredibly grateful for the contribution of our chairs and panellists, who shared their valuable insights, case studies and calls for action. Special thanks to Burges Salmon, Construction Innovation Hub, G4C, and BRE Group to join us in making this exciting opportunity come true.


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Constructing Excellence Conference 2021 – Constructing Excellence


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We’ve also included all presentations on the panel for you to download below:


Alison Nicholl, Head of Constructing Excellence

Download Alison Nicholl’s Presentation PDF 


  1. Value ourselves: Creating a supportive and healthy industry



Gill Kelleher, Impact Director, Construction Innovation Hub



Melissa Zanocco, Head of Programmes, Infrastructure Clients Group representing CLC

Download Melissa Zanocco’s Presentation PDF

Maria Coulter, Founder and Managing Director, The Construction Coach

Download Maria Coulter’s Presentation PDF

Caroline Key, Director, Starspan, representing G4C

Daniel Roche, Director, Roche Civil Engineering

Download Daniel Roche’s Presentation PDF



  1. Value our society: Levelling up



David Whysall, UK Infrastructure Managing Director, Turner & Townsend



Ron Lang, Chief Technical Officer, Construction Innovation Hub

Download Ron Lang’s Presentation PDF

Jessie Wilde, Deputy Project Director, Bristol Housing Project

Download Jessie Wilde’s Presentation PDF

Ruth Carins, Legal Counsel, Kier / G4C Co-Chair

Mark Farmer, CEO, Cast Consultancy, Constructing Excellence


  1. Value our Planet: Our role in a sustainable future



Phil Wilbraham, Chair of BRE Trust (Co-Chair of Constructing Excellence)



Gillian Charlesworth, Chief Executive, BRE

Alistair Rattray, Director, Burges Salmon

Download Alistair Rattray’s Presentation PDF

Andreea Vihrestencu, Consultant, Asite / G4C

Download Andreea Vihristencu’s Presentation PDF