Recoup Energy Solutions – Recoup Pipe+ HE

Constructing Excellence

Recoup WWHRS produce a range of SAP-listed, highly efficient WWHRS products, which extract waste heat energy from used shower water in order to pre-heat the incoming cold feed. This simple solution offers one of the best ‘pound for points’ ratios of any SAP measure and is a true ‘fit and forget’ product, and ultimately can save up to 50-67% of the energy cost each time a shower is used (regardless of heat source).

The Recoup Pipe+ HE is their most specified product and is also the highest scoring product in its class on the SAP 2012 database. When incorporated in new-build dwellings, WWHRS can often show SAP improvements of between 3-7% (and even up to 10% for larger properties) and therefore is one of the most cost-effective SAP measures available.

Recoup are the UK market-leader for WWHRS. They supply to many UK National housebuilders in England, Scotland and Wales, and have recently extended their Sole-Supplier Agreement with Barratt/DWH for the UK, and also supply to many other National house builders such as Redrow, Linden, Berkeley, Miller and Bovis.

The Recoup Pipe+ HE product is stocked and distributed by Travis Perkins Group, Wolseley Group and most recently Saint Gobain Building Group, so is available at over 2000 branches and therefore can dovetail with their clients existing supply chain.