Realising productivity construction delivery models – implementing construction factory thinking

Constructing Excellence

In the second of our nuclear productivity series the Constructing Excellence Nuclear Group have been looking at how to implement construction factory thinking.

Volume 1 provided a burning platform for change with insights into construction factory thinking and productivity. It proposed a construction delivery model to develop nuclear construction projects more efficiently. Volume 2 now expands upon Volume 1 and seeks to emphasise specific aspects of best practice construction delivery; make comment on some observations that hamper productivity; and, provide more information about how to gain a more productive environment for the nuclear construction project.

Constructing Excellence

The Construction Delivery Model discussed in this document challenges the fundamental approach to establishing a fit-for-purpose Project organisation and the appropriate level of organisational integration that is required to maximise productivity.

Using the construction factory thinking model will allow for a systematic approach to delivery that will reduce risks and uncertainties and support the delivery of Nuclear Projects, on time and on budget, safely and to the right quality.

There are a range of excellent tools, best practice principles and learning that can be shared with you from the Constructing Excellence database that demonstrates how an improved approach to project delivery can not only achieve but exceed the expected return on projects from a range of differing sectors within the industry.

Achieving highly productive projects will be a challenge for the industry, but with the tools and process described here, along with the ideology of the construction factory set out in volume 1 we hope we are providing the key ingredients required to delight clients and be recognized for world class productivity.

Key points to take away:

– Productivity is required to be considered in the conceptual planning and to be part of business case, procurement and development of the delivery model

– Planning and communicating to all parts of the project are key with a strong vision and mission well understood and embraced by all parties

– The client has a key role in enabling the development of a productive environment for project delivery

– If we are to achieve our target of a 30% reduction in capital costs, productivity improvements are key

– Productivity is the responsibility of all organisations and individuals associated with the lifecycle of a nuclear asset

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