Rachael Ng

Constructing Excellence

Rachael is a senior water engineer delivering a wide range of grey, blue and green infrastructure projects across the Wales, the UK and internationally. She leads a multi-discipline team in South Wales, and she is one of our national skills leaders in the nature-based infrastructure solution space.


Rachael is very much a trusted advisor, internally and with our clients. She is trusted because she is technically excellent, she is one of the best communicators I have met, collaborative at heart and she is always open and honest. Our clients will ask if they can have Rachael on projects, especially difficult ones, which is testament to their respect for her. This is also the reason why Rachael has led so many high profile, technically challenging projects.


Rachael’s team is multi-discipline and deliver solutions to complex problems across the water cycle. Rachael makes the most of her teams’ skillset, but also knows when to expand our thinking and reach out to international experts within Arup, the wider industry and academia. Rachael always puts in that extra effort to understand the communities she is working in, and how any infrastructure could benefit them.


Rachael always ensures highest quality. She is one of our internal auditors and delivers training on quality and excellence, a key pillar of our sustainable future as an industry.


Rachael really cares about our people, communities, and environment. You can see this in her desire to deliver exceptional design, out of the box thinking and a willingness to consider all aspects of what delivering great infrastructure entails. Her work is innovative, brings a diverse group of people together and has directly improved the lives of thousands of people.  As a leader, she stands out from the crowd, people want to work on her team and her inclusive and collaborative nature allow them to thrive.


Rachael’s projects and way of working has influenced people across the sector and beyond, and her nationally recognised projects have left a lasting legacy. Her projects have won national and international awards, and she always pushes the boundary of “what does excellent look like”. She is a real public servant, and I feel proud and honored to be writing this submission on her behalf.


Constructing Excellence