Project Vinnie – Predictive Analytics in Health and Safety

Constructing Excellence

Galliford Try is a leading U.K. construction business employing 3,300 people and providing vital buildings and infrastructure across the country from large-scale water networks and treatment plants, to highways and hospitals. Despite health and safety being a top priority, the management was unsatisfied with the lack of progress within the construction industry in lowering the rate of injuries among its workers. As per HSE statistics, the recordable incidents rates and fatality rates have remained largely flat over the last decade.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Innovative solution that uses AI to make sense of largely unstructured construction data and saves lives by predicting which projects are likely to have an accident next week.
  2. People now see the value that their data reporting brings, it incentivises them to report more data. It encourages organisations to become more transparent with their data. They collect data that matters not because they have to, but because they want to.
  3. This solution has opened up a whole world of possibilities and a fresh approach to performance management and risk management. In addition to predicting accidents, this technology can potentially predict environmental pollution incidents, faults and defects, process failures, energy requirements, programme slippages etc. and recommend timely and appropriate mitigations.