Performance Measurement

Chaired by John McGovern of Northumbria Water, this group provides strategic oversight of the SmartSite KPIs a vital industry tool to help measure, benchmark, understand and improve project performance on established KPIs against the rest of the construction industry. This group is strongly aligned with the development of KPIs with the Construction Innovation Hub and the Construction Leadership Council.

The group is currently undertaking an exercise to understand who is measuring what in terms of performance.

Participants include

                                  Southern Construction Framework | Supply Chain Sustainability School


Upcoming events

Performance Measurement Forum

30 September, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am BST

Join us for a productive discussion as part of our upcoming Performance Measurement Forum. Bring your vision and suggestions on the subject! 

Performance Measurement Posts

The Constructing Excellence Performance Measurement Forum is open to all National Members of Constructing Excellence. For more information contact [email protected]