Constructing Excellence Conference 2024

Constructing Excellence

Delivering Tomorrow Today: Act Now for a Better Future

On Wednesday 24th January 2024 we held our annual conference at BMA House. It was a fantastic day that truly demonstrated the passion, innovation and dedication to improvement that is driving change within construction right now. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended and hope that this event will inspire many of you to go on and make that ‘one change’ that will help to deliver a better future for the industry.

You can find a copy of our Conference Programme here.


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Conference for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come along and share their views.


Introductory Speakers

Future Climate

Future Society

Future Major Projects

Future Delivery


We were thrilled with the high level engagement on Slido during the Conference and will be analysing and sharing some of the results from this shortly. In the meantime, take a look at the word cloud below which highlights the key words and themes from the day’s Q&A.



During the event we held 4 panels exploring different aspects of the day’s theme, ‘Delivering Tomorrow Today’.

Key Points of Discussion

Future Climate

The discussion explored the challenges we face in relation to climate right now and steps we can take to deliver a better Future Climate. The panellists explored how better procurement practices, greater data sharing, implementation of an integrated approach and improved collaboration can contribute to benefits within the Net Zero/Climate Challenge space.

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Future Society

The group discussed what we as an industry can do to bring greater benefits to the society we serve. The panellists highlighted the need for better communication with end users, improved communication across the build process and diversity within the industry to better meet the needs of diversity within society, all of which will give greater clarity around what society actually needs.

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Future Major Projects

The panellists explored barriers to productivity, e.g lack of cross project sharing, a need to understand how the supply chain and value chain compare, flexibility within policy and regulation and benchmarking to better measure productivity.  Some actions to tackle this included i.e. standardisation, longer pipelines of work to build upon prior learning and more agile decision making.

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Future Delivery

The panellists shared their perspectives on delivery in relation to the Building Safety Act, procurement models, framework agreements, competencies across the industry and Modern Methods of Construction. They explored how these areas can have a positive impact on construction’s ability to deliver projects safer, more effectively, more successfully and more collaboratively.

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Building the Future Commission

We were fortunate to be joined by Chloe McCulloch, Assemble Media Group, to share the Building the Future Commission Report, the result of a year long initiative looking at radical and challenging ideas that could help transform the built environment. This report sets out key recommendations for government and industry to support construction to reach its full potential. Read the report here.

Chloe also launched the Building the Future Think Tank which intends to continue the work from the Building the Future Commission, aiming to produce in-depth research throughout 2024 and beyond on behalf of the industry.

Survey on Perceptions Around Construction

In partnership with our members LMC we are carrying out research into perceptions about construction.

However, unlike most research which focuses on what those outside of the industry think, we are turning it on its head – we want to hear from those working within construction.

We’d love to hear your views, follow this link to participate in the survey.


Thank Yous

Finally we offer our thanks to our sponsors, exhibitors and supporters for joining us in making this event such a success- their support is highly appreciated.