New Member: GagaMuller Group

Constructing Excellence

We’re thrilled to announce that GagaMuller Group has joined Constructing Excellence as National Members.


Constructing Excellence


GagaMuller Group is a Digital Project Management organisation that was formed in 2018 with a mission to revolutionise the construction industry. By leveraging data, software expertise, and industry talent the company drives positive transformation within the construction landscape.

In a remarkably brief period, GagaMuller Group has achieved exponential growth, securing prestigious projects and clientele on a global scale.

GagaMuller Group provides Project Management and Digital Solutions across multiple sectors including Data Centres, Commercial Building, Residential, Pharma and housing.


Why Has GagaMuller Group Joined Constructing Excellence?

The vision and mission of Constructing Excellence closely aligns with our own objectives to change the construction industry. The opportunity to share our experiences, whilst learning from other organisations that are motivated to embrace innovation, promote standardisation, and best practice. Joining Constructing Excellence also opens new doors for us as an organisation to collaborate with like-minded clients and organisations.