Performance Measurement- Setting the Agenda

Constructing Excellence

On Friday 4th November, the Performance Measurement group met to discuss the purpose of this group and how the agenda will look moving forward. Simon Cross led the meeting and began by talking through the objectives he had identified: 

Constructing Excellence


Simon then led a discussion focused on gathering information regarding standards and measures that are currently used and how and why we measure performance. This was recorded on the group’s Miro Board, the outcomes of which are detailed below.  

Constructing Excellence


There were several common themes running through the discussion: 

  1.  The need for current standards to be updated as there have been few changes in the last decade.  
  2. The need to measure inputs and outputs rather than only measuring outcomes.  
  3. The importance of asking, ‘what are we using this data for?’ 

 Having gathered this information as a starting point, the next meeting will focus on the groups and organisations that are active within performance measurement and the standards that relate to this. Members will be able to record their own ideas on the Miro board to inform the discussion at the next meeting.   

We’d be thrilled to have you join us for the next meeting, if you’d like more information do get in touch.