Millie Demol

Constructing Excellence

Millie’s career at Willmott Dixon started at just age 18. Initially joining the company to take on work experience she became a permanent member of the team when she joined the company’s management trainee programme in September 2012. Millie’s potential and enthusiasm for the industry were immediately apparent and her infectious enthusiasm for all things construction, particularly design, led her to undertaking a part-time degree at London South Bank University studying commercial management and graduating with a 1st in 2017.

A naturally engaging person, Millie has an inherent ability to positively impact those around her with her strong work ethic, collaborative approach, problem solving skills and methodical thought process. A champion for change, Millie is leading the way in helping to address the construction skills gap and is a driving force for promoting careers in construction, regularly speaking at schools, events, exhibitions and other platforms to spread the message about the variety and opportunity that a career in the industry represents. Millie works closely with trainees and has recently become a mentor at the request of a graduate who worked with her.

Millie is hugely talented at analysing situations to create best possible outcomes and is able to engage at every level. From customers who cite her as somebody who empowers trainees through trust and practical tasks, her ability to engage is exceptional. Millie’s calming influence means she can naturally command the room and is in high demand on projects.

Her creativity, not only in her day to day role, but in delivering solutions that challenge the status quo is remarkable. Most recently, Millie was the driving force behind producing an industry guidance document for fire station construction – something that didn’t previously exist in the sector. This guidance has helped to shape the process for fire services construction and has been rolled out across the business and Millie’s process is also being refined and adopted for other sectors.

Above all, Millie’s vision, along with her ability to implement her ideas practically and enable others to accept and embed them, are exemplary. She shows true integrity, understanding and the ability to nurture others without compromising her assertiveness to challenge inefficiencies and follow through on ideas to create better working practises.

Karen Gentry, Business Manager at Cranmer Primary:

“Millie is a true asset to Willmott Dixon. During the Cranmer Primary School project, Millie was instrumental in ensuring pupils were fully involved and engaged overseeing several projects including creating viewing ‘windows’ in fencing for children to see progress, a poster competition, health and safety lecture as well as several meetings with architects to ensure the children’s ideas were incorporated.”

Philip Alden, Willmott Dixon:

“Although Millie is still within the early phase of her career in the industry she exhibits behaviours beyond her current level of experience, leading by example and setting a very high level of control and quality in her work. Other people in the business have started to look up to Millie as someone who excels.”

Key achievements

Legacy – Millie is a champion for careers in construction regularly showcasing to others the benefits and opportunities the sector provides.

Innovation – Millie can think beyond the confines of current systems and processes regularly assessing whether something can be done more efficiently by driving change through new ideas and adopting technology where appropriate.

Collaboration – Millie’s calm and inclusive approach in everything she undertakes means she is always able to get the very best out of those she works with. Whether it is customer, colleague or supply chain partner, Millie’s ability to create positive influence and command a room makes her a true G4C Future Leader.