Constructing Excellence

Serena Williams

Position: 3/4D Visualiser, Bouygues UK
Categories: Future Society

Serena Williams is a 3/4D visualiser at Bouygues UK. Working predominantly with the preconstruction team, she produces fully coordinated 3D and 4D construction visuals to aid the understanding of complex project sites for construction teams, stakeholders, and clients alike.

Joining the construction industry and Bouygues UK some nine years ago as a Graphic Designer, Serena is passionate about using her talents as a visual artist as a communication tool and has increasingly utilised Revit, 3ds Max and Synchro to enhance her outputs. She was appointed as 3/4D Visualiser to Bouygues UK in 2020.

Having achieved her initial goal to create 3/4D animation sequences, Serena continues to seek out ways to improve visual output during the preconstruction stage, working closely with BIM managers to ensure a fully coordinated design. She is currently trialling new technologies, such as enhanced sequence analysis by placing 4D models in gaming engines for use within tenders, building on Bouygues UK’s reputation as a construction innovator.

Always pushing the possibilities of the virtual environment for construction, Serena is bridging the gap between BIM’s technical data and the marketing and communication potential of that information – making complex construction solutions accessible for everyone to understand.