Liv Bradley

Constructing Excellence

In just 5 ½ years, Liv Bradley’s drive to create the best learning opportunities in construction has seen her spearhead the development of T Level qualifications at City College Norwich, establish new ways of working with employers, and move rapidly to managing one of the largest college construction departments in the country.

Since leaving school, Liv has made a habit of surpassing people’s expectations. Her school careers officer was not the only one to raise an eyebrow when Liv announced her ambition to become a Site Carpenter. But she did it, and her passion for construction, and the opportunities within the industry, led her to turn her attentions to becoming a construction lecturer in Further Education. Liv’s impact on our students, and on the construction department as a whole, was immediate and far-reaching. She took on the challenge of putting together the curriculum for the very first T Level in Construction and the Built Environment, working with employers on the content of the course and the Industry Placements which are a vital element of the qualification.

After 3 years in this role, Liv moved to Norfolk County Council, gaining further experience of curriculum development as a Curriculum Manager for its construction training courses for adults. A year and a half later we were delighted to welcome Liv back as our new Head of Construction. She has picked up where she left off, working with her colleagues and our employer partners to help launch hundreds of careers in construction.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Working with employers, Liv developed the very first Construction T Level at our college and has shaped the subsequent expansion of our Construction T Level offer.
  2. Over 60% of young people studying construction in Norfolk are doing so on programmes that Liv is now managing.
  3. Liv is a true role model and inspiration to our students. Having left school with no GCSEs, she knows what it takes to succeed and what the opportunities are for ambitious young people with an aptitude for practical learning.