Larkhill Single Living Accommodation

Constructing Excellence

Rollalong Ltd, with HQ and factory in Dorset, specialise in permanent off-site construction buildings for various industries including residential, education and defence.

With plans for British troops to return from Germany in 2019 under the Army Basing Programme (ABP), the Ministry of Defence (MOD) is providing new single living accommodation for around 4,000 Service personnel. This infrastructure and the re-housing of troops is being carried out by Aspire Defence Ltd for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). The ABP will save the MOD up to £240 million per year.

With vast amounts of single living accommodation required in a demanding timeframe, off-site manufacture was identified as the most effective; with us being able to manufacture and install the first residential building in just 4-months. Throughout 2016/17, we manufactured 900 modules and installed 700 which have created 23 accommodation buildings with over 900 bedrooms over 2 locations. 2 of the buildings provided 40 bedrooms for Officers. The remaining 21 buildings provided accommodation for Junior Ranks. The off-site built accommodation comprises single living bedrooms with an en suite and include communal areas for social gatherings, laundry and drying kit.