G4C Conference 2024: Shaping the Future Now

Constructing Excellence

The 2024 G4C Conference, taking place on 26th September at University of Salford, will focus on the theme of Shaping the Future Now: Young Professionals Taking the Lead. 

We are currently looking for sponsors and partners to help us shape this key event. To find out more about tickets and opportunities for sponsorship, see our 2024 Sponsor Brochure.

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Shaping the Future Now: Young Professionals Taking the Lead

In a time of rapid change in the construction industry, it’s crucial for young professionals to voice their vision and drive the transformation we need. From tackling climate change and skill shortages to addressing inflation and building safety, the solutions are within reach, yet many organizations are not moving fast enough.

Waiting for the perfect solution often leads to inaction. We must act now to ensure a better future for ourselves and the generations to come. Join us at the conference to discuss the changes we want to see and how we can deliver tomorrow, today. The future won’t wait!



The day will be made up of 3 panel discussions, exploring the actions that can be taken today, by the future of the industry, to deliver a better future for the industry…

  1. Future Climate
    As young professionals in construction, we play a crucial role in combating climate change. This session will explore how our industry can minimize and mitigate future climate impacts. We’ll examine what leading organizations are doing now to reduce their carbon footprint and discuss practical actions we can implement in our own workplaces to achieve better climate outcomes.
  2. Future Society
    How can we shape a more inclusive and supportive construction industry? How can we build environments that better serve our communities? This session will bring together pioneering practitioners to discuss how we, as young professionals, can contribute today to create a better industry and built environment for the future.
  3. Future Delivery
    Delivering excellence requires industry transformation. In this session, we’ll explore the key changes needed for a brighter future in construction. Topics will include improving procurement processes, adopting the Gold Standard for performance measurement, and leveraging industrialized construction. Learn how we can build on these foundations to drive future success in our industry.

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