Forest Traffic Services

Constructing Excellence

Forest Traffic Services self-delivers the complete range of traffic management (TM) solutions to public and private clients across Wales.

As our business grew organically, we restructured our operations in a unique manner; combining localised teams led by managers who communicate seamlessly across the national business as a single unit- providing the benefits of local knowledge and national skills and resources reachback.

We are further challenged to deliver to a schedule that is determined by others and usually outside our total control. We face the continual challenge of delivering both the agility our clients require and the efficiency that makes our business sustainable. We surmount these challenges through our business model, systems and people.

This growth was also the springboard for the business to develop new clients, on larger and more demanding projects. We increased our collaboration with main contractors and public sector clients, demanding a whole new level of engagement as risk and workload demands are increasingly passed down to Tier 1 SMEs.

We have a unique team of 15 supervisors/planners who work alongside our customers to maximise value, innovation and provide detailed, robust and compliant designs.

Whilst achieving all of this, we have to remain competitive, profitable and look after our people. We have delivered these outcomes and have positioned ourselves to perpetuate this level of service.

Simultaneously, we have improved our operational efficiency by the implementation of a unique, sector-leading electronic works management system (MMW). It is also the cornerstone of our Cultural Behavioural Management (CBM).