Focussing On Behaviours to Deliver a Better Culture

Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence is a movement that supports the construction industry to deliver better things in better ways. We have great pedigree in bringing the industry together, championing collaboration and pushing for better ways of working.

We need to be at the forefront of demonstrating better. Leaders from across the Constructing Excellence movement need to model inclusive and collaborative behaviours that will allow the movement to flourish. The right behaviours create a welcoming environment where people want to get involved and contribute. Ultimately this will have a positive impact on us as individuals, our organisations, the CE movement and the wider construction industry.

As I engage across the movement, with members, with theme groups, with regions and clubs I see examples of brilliant behaviour. Those who genuinely role model the movement and industry we want. Leaders who create the conditions for those around them to contribute and thrive. Without great people Constructing Excellence couldn’t exist – we need all of you!

Why is This Needed?


Some would say a lot of this is common sense, so why do we need to focus on it? Many people across the construction industry have experiences that are not always positive. Things have got a lot a better over the years but there is still a long way to go in some areas. Very often these behaviours are not malicious or indeed intentional but that does not negate their impact.

Sometimes these behaviours are obvious. In some ways overt incidents are easier to deal with, especially if there are witnesses. Sometimes these behaviours can be very subtle and that can be much more difficult to manage. We’ve all been at events were the language and discussion aren’t quite appropriate in a professional environment, but rather than dealing with it head on we often make a decision not to go back to that environment.



Shot of a group of creative professionals using a digital tablet during a meeting in a modern office

Behavioural Framework


Sometimes the behaviours across the movement are inconsistent with fostering the collaborative and inclusive environment we want. We have set up a behavioural framework that highlights the kind of behaviours we want to see and helps us recognise where behaviours are not where they need to be.

We have taken two of our core values: Collaboration and Excellence and broken them down into communication, partnerships and teamwork and continuous improvement, trust and accountability. For each we have identified strength and development indicators.

It is intended as a tool for reflection and dialogue around how each of our behaviours contributes to an inclusive and collaborative culture. We look forward to working with all of you to bring this to life, to consider how we recognise great behaviours and their impact whilst not shying away from tackling some of the behaviours that hold us back.

To view the Constructing Excellence Behavioural Framework click here. 

Let’s work together to create an excellent culture for Constructing Excellence!