Emmerson Critchley – SME of the Year

Constructing Excellence

Emmerson Critchley Ltd is a building firm that specialises in providing a full range of traditional building services specifically for timber framed structures, period homes, Listed properties and heritage buildings. The firm’s ethos is underpinned by a passion for delivering client-centred, first class results based on traditional techniques and materials, as well as a genuine understanding of the processes involved. The firm operates throughout East Anglia and works closely with local planning departments and conservation officers.

Traditional materials and techniques are not always the cheapest option but the craftsmen and skilled trade specialists who make up the Emmerson Critchley Ltd team, firmly believe in the results and longevity they provide. Preserving the region’s historic buildings is a genuine source of inspiration and great pride. Emmerson Critchley Ltd operates with the precept of: preserving the past and building the future.

So while not always offering the cheapest option could have posed a potential challenge for the firm, the reality is that the greatest challenge faced (and successfully managed) since the firm’s inception (in 2014) has been keeping up with ever-growing demand. Benefits of the traditional approach resonate with clients and so the potential extra cost is offset by these factors, which include: beautiful results that honour history; keeping traditional skills alive; results that stand the test of time, (as exemplified by the panoply of amazing period properties that have stood for hundreds of years in this region); traditional materials often have less environmental impact than modern alternatives.