Ellie Carswell

Constructing Excellence

Ellie Carswell, a Project Manager at Faithful+Gould, has a passion for promoting the diverse range of opportunities within the construction industry, on a mission to inspire the next generation of project professionals. Ellie inspires both internally and externally within the South East region, working with colleges, universities, and professional bodies to give career-focussed talks, mentor students considering a career in construction, and provide insight into her unconventional career journey.

Ellie started as a Graduate Project Manager in September 2018, having graduated with a languages degree. As part of her degree, Ellie relocated to France and Italy for a year, greatly contributing to her appreciation of different cultures and diverse backgrounds. Despite her non-cognate background, Ellie has excelled in fast-tracking her career, completing a MSc in Construction Project Management while working fulltime, establishing a credible industry presence, and being selected for one of Faithful+Gould’s signature leadership programmes, the ‘Inspire Women’s Development Programme’. Ellie continued to strive for excellence and was promoted in October 2021 and then appointed on the committee for the Constructing Excellence group in Kent, which builds upon her 3 years’ attendance at regular networking events, including Building Kent Connections, Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, and Constructing Excellence.

Ellie grasps the challenges faced not only as a woman but as an individual with, initially, limited technical knowledge. Notwithstanding, Ellie’s drive and enthusiasm for the built environment emulates and her open and honest leadership style is reflected in both her project delivery and extra-curricular initiatives. Such style has enabled Ellie to cultivate strong relationships wherever she goes. Ellie recognises the diversity in hers and other’s backgrounds as hugely positive for the industry and its future commitments to sustainability and innovation and seeks to harness these talents and innovative thinking to enhance cross-sector collaboration.