Digital Drop-In December – Event Report

Constructing Excellence

The Constructing Excellence Digital Group hold informal ‘Digital Drop-Ins’ on the third Friday of every month to provide members with an opportunity to share ideas, best practice and seek advice around the key issues impacting our digital journey.

In December we were joined by Dan Rossiter MCIAT, Sector Lead at BSI Group, taking us through the established practices as well as some of the lesser-known standards which support productivity improvements and the wider digitalisation of organisational processes in construction..

The presentation provides an overview of formal standards and the role they play in supporting the built environment from the perspective of BSI, the UK’s national standards body.  It provides useful references, contextualises standards as a catalyst for the economy, productivity and innovation as well as dispels common misconceptions relating to standards.  Through fun and engaging examples, this presentation highlights the ubiquitous, voluntary, and supportive nature of formalised good practice and role it plays in supporting individuals, organisations and the UK as a whole.

Download Dan Rossiter’s presentation

Standards Are_BSI_Digital_December 2020

Join us for the next Digital Drop-In 21 January 2021 @ 10am – 11 am for discussion on Cyber Security & Protection of National Infrastructure in Construction Sector with presentations from the National Cyber Security Centre (a part of GCHQ) and Coubari Group (IT Consultancy).