De Montfort Mews Student Accommodation, Leicester

Constructing Excellence

Spacious living. Unquestionable Comfort. Thoughtful touches. Fabulous Location. Newly Constructed. Zone De Montfort Mews is situated just a stone’s throw from the University of Leicester, the Train Station and the City Centre! This amazing property offers 91 luxury studio flats and the building has various communal spaces including a gym, cinema room and study pods.

The internal layout is to allow students an open plan, independent space for use of the communal facilities when required. The bed space and study area are located nearest the window to allow natural light to be utilised during the day and the rear portion of the studio room to have storage and the en-suite shower room facilities. This allows the lighting controls to respond to the activities.

The proposed scheme is designed taking into account good on site amenities. As shown on the floor plans the site has an open courtyard towards the rear elevation which in itself is well secluded away from direct office windows and other amenities. The site also boosts of amenities such as a Movie room, a Gym room, two Communal/Dining Areas and two Study Pods, all located on the lower ground floor with shared laundry facilities to be found on the same level.

As shown the floor plans it is visible that the proposed layout for each room is designed to be spacious to allow for a flexible flow of movement. Each flat is designed to allow for a considerate size sofa in the room if needed with generous views towardsthe front and rear elevations.

There are green spaces surrounding the site, such as that off De Montfort Square, Nelson Mandela Park and Victoria Park.

Key achievements

  • Delivered on time without any compromise on quality despite the challenges
  • Successful collaboration amongst all parts involved
  • High quality architectural design