Construction Robotics Day

Constructing Excellence

On Wednesday 22nd March we took part in the Construction Robotics User Day, hosted by Trimble, with demonstrations and presentations by their very own Duncan Reed and some of their other technology partners. The event provided insight into the robotics solutions currently on the market within construction and demonstrated how they are changing the future of construction.


In his introduction, Duncan Reed asked the question, ‘why robotics?’ This is a question with many answers, one of which relates to current skills shortages within the industry, causing recruitment to become a challenge. This isn’t helped by the stereotypical view of construction as traditional roles such as a bricklayer or plasterer- it’s time for an image update and the use of robotics supports this by enticing a wider pool of candidates into the industry, thereby filling recruitment gaps.

This is but one of the many reasons why robotics solutions should be embraced within construction, a number of which became evident when listening to the presentations delivered at the event. Some of these benefits include…

Benefits From Using Robotics in Construction


All of the robotics solutions demonstrated at this event enable time savings through increased efficiency, removal of human error and by enabling the humans to get on with other jobs while the robots complete their tasks, whether that be drilling, printing, assembling, etc.


Construction is currently facing a skills shortage that makes recruitment difficult. Employing robotics solutions enables a wider recruitment pool as the running of the technology does not require skilled labour and also provides a solution for completing the work that would usually require a labourer e.g., the Hilti Jaibot.


By increasing time, efficiency and accuracy, the use of robotics helps to prevent unnecessary expenses in overrun costs, materials and other additional purchases that push up the price of completing a project.

Health and Safety

Many of the robotics solutions demonstrated remove the need for working at height which significantly reduces health and safety incidents. By completing tasks that may prove risky for an adult, the robotics solutions are a great support in delivering a safer working environment on projects.

Robotics solutions demonstrated at the Construction Robotics Day... 

Hilti Jaibot

Boston Dynamics Spot

HP Siteprint

Lincoln Electrics

Here is a short video from the day: