Boston Dynamics Spot

Constructing Excellence

Spot is an agile, mobile robot used for data collection on construction sites. The robot is able to navigate using obstacle avoidance, 360° perception and stabilisation, and is automated in its ability to do so which means it does not require anyone on site to do its job.

Trimble has partnered with Boston Dynamics to create an integrated, turnkey solution, including technology such as Spot docking station, Spot Defender, Fieldlink robotics module and Trimble 3D laser scanner kit.

Benefits to Construction

This robotics technology offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Automating the typical manual data collection workflow.
  • Less wasted time by freeing up workers to complete other tasks while Spot works or by allowing Spot to collect data before workers even arrive to site.
  • Better accuracy in data collection as well as more effective use of data
  • Able to tackle terrain that drones and other wheeled robots would be unable to access. Using Spot reduces the need for workers to be exposed to such hazardous environments, thereby improving onsite health and safety.
  • Upskilling workforce with training to operate robotics.
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