Hilti Jaibot

Constructing Excellence


The Hilti Jaibot is a semi-autonomous drilling robot that is able to follow a digital plan to complete drilling tasks. The robot can mark the drilling points, figure out the quickest way to complete the plan and work through its mission semi-autonomously, only requiring someone to start/stop it.

Benefits to Construction

This robotics solution offers added value in a number of ways, such as:

  • Performance- efficient, time saving (approximately 30% time saving potential), user friendly.
  • Innovation- this is one of the only drilling robots of its kind currently at work on sites.
  • Work safety- reduces the amount of people needed on site, eliminates harmful dust, eliminates need for ladders, reduces strenuous and repetitive tasks for construction workers.
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Jaibot Semi-Autonomous Drilling Robot – Hilti Great Britain