Construction Logistics – Models for consolidation

Published 14th June 2005 by Constructing Excellence

A consolidation centre is like a retail regional distribution centre and is so named because it ‘consolidates’ many different loads onto one site-delivery vehicle. With the exception of some equipment and materials that are more conveniently delivered direct to sites, it is the one-stop point of delivery for virtually all supplies. It does not hold stock for any appreciable length of time but it is a useful distribution buffer. It is responsible for all items in its care.

There are six steps in dealing with materials:

  1. The trade contractor places orders for supplies, specifying delivery to the consolidation centre.
  2. The consolidation centre agrees an inward delivery time and takes delivery. Everything is checked and labelled to simplify distribution.
  3. About 24 hours before supplies are needed, the trade contractor requests delivery, stating exactly what, where and when.
  4. The consolidation centre makes up ‘daypacks’ for each task.
  5. The consolidation centre delivers the daypacks just in time for each gang to undertake that day’s tasks.
  6. The consolidation centre removes excess materials from the site every day.