Colas AVA Airsweb Safety Reporting Platform

Constructing Excellence

In September 2020 Colas Ltd launched their frictionless reporting within their AVA Airsweb safety reporting platform. We are the first UK construction company to roll this out, and one of only eight companies in the world to have launched the system. The frictionless reporting system removes barriers for staff, increases reporting and exponentially increases data capture in order to make improved safety decisions. Staff do not need to download anything or even access a PC in order to report, they simply scan a site or project specific site QR code to access the reporting system which uses AI chatbots to ensure that the essential information is collected.

September 2020 marked the International Colas Group Global Safety Week campaign, an annual event which has been running since 2013, and sees every one of the 60,000+ employees around the world take part in a week of particular focus on safety. The roll out of the new AVA Airsweb frictionless reporting was an important part of the 2020 Global Safety Week. Colas Ltd CEO Carl Fergusson commented “enabling our staff to report in seconds through the new swift system is a significant
step in improving the accessibility and ease of our safety reporting, we are proud to be the first UK construction company to be launching this next step digital technology.” But the AVA Airsweb is not only accessible by our staff; anyone visiting or working can access it too. We have proven that a healthy reporting culture leads to an increase in reporting, the assessment of which and the targeted actions taken can have a noticeable effect in incident rates.

This needs to be shared with the industry. We need to promote reporting all near misses. We all know they happen and we can learn from them. Not reporting them is missing any opportunity to save our employees from harm or worse in the future.


In summary AVA Airsweb provides us:

 Leaving the manual incident reporting behind, using a mobile app to easily report incidents on any device.
 Decreases time spent between an incident occurring and closing an investigation.
 We now log evidence at the scene and upload any file type, including images and location.

 Configurable dashboards allow easy interpretation of incident data.
 Reports and analytics effectively control, manage and track all stages of the incident reporting process.
 View real-time performance summaries to query all incident data instantly.
 We can track leading and lagging indicators.

 The software is pre-configured to meet RIDDOR/OSHA requirements.
 A permissions structure means sensitive data pertaining to incidents is handled in the strictest confidence in line with current privacy regulations.

 We now know what is happening at every stage of the incident and investigation process.
 Automated notifications and actions report and escalate incidents to the appropriate authority level.
 We can assign actions to team members instantly based on required corrective measures.
 Detailed investigation element enables us to establish patterns/underlying root causes.