CCG Focus-on Breakfast Event on Defects

Constructing ExcellenceThe CCG welcomed members to the first CCG Focus-on Breakfast Event on defects on 11 May 2016. It is widely acknowledged that between 1-5% of project costs are attributed to defects, resulting from client change, inadequate design and poor workmanship, both during construction and once assets are put into operational use. This leads to cost overruns and poor value and quality for all concerned.

It was a great event and a number of key challenges faced by clients were discussed, including the causes of defects, and the resulting impact they have on project quality and costs. Following a lively and interesting debate, participants felt if the following methods were adopted on projects, they would go some way to reducing defects and improving quality, leading to better value for all

  • Early involvement of the supply chain
  • Long term framework agreements
  • Better brief definition
  • More effort and input into the design process
  • Collaboration across the supply chain
  • Data capture – specifically the need to measure and benchmark performance to share with other clients and across the industry

The CCG have a number of Focus-on Breakfast Events planned throughout the year, on the following topics

  • Implementation of CDM 2015
  • Benchmarking
  • Project Fair Payment
  • Design for Deconstruction
  • Health in Construction

If you are interested in participating in these events, to share your best practice and understand how other leading clients approach these challenges, then please register your interest with Deborah Hynes at [email protected]

About The Construction Clients’ Group

The CCG was founded in the mid-nineties as an independent client body and is still the only client body that represents both private and public clients.  We placed ourselves at the heart of Constructing Excellence in 2011 where we enjoy working with the supply side and the access and interaction the CE Movement provides through the Regions.

Our underpinning business model remains:

  • Meeting and networking with other informed/intelligent clients in pursuit of better value
  • Sharing best practice and benchmarking with peer groups
  • Influencing industry and government to promote collaboration and better business outcomes for all