Can construction finally redefine itself?

Constructing Excellence

There are unprecedented drivers for change in the UK construction sector.  Systemic failures over the past 12 months have forced the industry to take a long hard look at its delivery models.  This combined with unprecedented government investment and support through the Industrial Strategy Construction Sector Deal mean there has never been a better time for the industry to change.

However, the need for change is not new.  This year marks 20 years since Sir John Egan’s landmark report Rethinking Construction.  In 1998 we were an industry characterised by low margins, poor investment in capital and R&D and a skills shortage due to our inability to attract the best talent.  Moreover, procurement was led by price, not value, projects were unpredictable on time, cost and quality and much of the sector was extremely fragmented.

So how much has changed?  On the surface that characterisation of the industry remains valid. However, the Constructing Excellence movement is leading the way, demonstrating the tangible benefits of working collaboratively.  This year’s conference will take an in-depth look at how the core Constructing Excellence values of clients procuring for value, standardisation and pre-manufactured value and digitally-enabled collaboration can be applied at a broader level across the industry.

Join the Constructing Excellence Annual Conference  on 12 December to find out how we can build on 20 years of industry leadership and maximise this unique opportunity for change.  Confirmed speakers include Phil Wilbraham – Heathow and CE Co-Chair, Ahmad Al Ansari – Ashghal and Chair of CE in Qatar, David Whysall – Turner & Townsend and CE Co-Chair, Deirdre Fox – Tata Steel and Dr David Hancock – Infrastructure and Projects Authority.