Beech Tree Gardens

Constructing Excellence

Beech Tree Gardens is an exceptional scheme delivering three and four-bedroom homes for sale alongside one-bed apartments and two and three-bedroom homes for rent in a prime location in Caerphilly.

Built on land belonging to Caerphilly County Borough Council, this pioneering venture between the United Welsh Group and the local authority is providing 34 homes for purchase and rent.

The build contract with Jehu was £3,869,082 with an agreement between United Welsh and Caerphilly Council which includes profits from the properties for sale being recycled to help fund the construction of the affordable rented homes on the site.

£344,000 of funding was also secured from the Welsh Government’s Social Housing Grant.

The council also benefits from some return from the rental on the homes in return for allowing United Welsh to develop the land. The homes for sale were marketed under the ‘harmoni homes’ brand which is part of the United Welsh Group.

The cost model was valued to ensure appropriate land value and compliance with adopted planning policies for contributions. Costs were included in our model and land value agreed at £350,000.