Barriers to Performance in the Construction Industry Survey

Purpose of the Survey

As the UK economy continues to strengthen, so too does the expectation for construction output. There are extensive opportunities for the UK construction and engineering sectors as a result of significant investment in new and existing infrastructure through to 2025 and beyond. Government efforts have also helped to boost private finance helping the UK enter the top 10 most attractive markets for infrastructure investment. The Government’s Construction Pipeline has been developed to provide greater certainty to the supply chain to improve skills and recruitment planning, smooth out peaks and troughs and to encourage innovation. As a global market player, we need to ensure that we stay ahead of the game. Yet despite a number of successful projects in the last few years leading to growing confidence in the UK construction industry, overall productivity and performance are perceived to be low leading to costs in the UK being greater than our EU counterparts.

Innovation is seen as the route to greater efficiency and therefore greater productivity, something the UK construction industry at present is perceived to be lacking. This survey seeks to identify what the industry perceives these barriers to be and provide an indication of the ways in which the sector believes these issues can be addressed.

Your participation in the survey is greatly appreciated and is completely anonymous. The findings from the survey will be used to produce a report on behalf of Constructing Excellence to be distributed among CE members and circulated to the wider industry.

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