Constructing Excellence

arcoBridge is the world’s first modular glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) post-tensioned pedestrian bridge. It has been designed by Arup and has the potential to transform the construction, installation and customisation of pedestrian bridges deployed by the rail, highways, water and local government sectors – and beyond. Arup’s innovative use of GFRP makes this bridge 70% lighter than a conventional steel span and provides additional resistance to fire, graffiti, vandalism, and ultra-violet radiation. Due to its lightweight composition and adaptable geometry, arcoBridge was initially developed with use by Network Rail (NR) in mind, however, it has the potential for widespread application. It can be assembled on site rapidly by hand without the need for specialist tools or adhesives and it can be transported by articulated trucks negating the need for heavy machinery, such as cranes. The design has a lower embodied carbon impact and lower operating costs than an equivalent modern steel bridge. arcoBridge is the first GFRP footbridge designed in compliance with structural Eurocodes. An arcoBridge is fully customisable (see image A1) and is expected to last approximately 120 years.