Constructing Excellence is a platform from which to stimulate, debate and drive much needed change in the Construction sector. Our thought leading members from the entire supply chain – clients, industry and users – share a vision for change through innovation and collaboration.

Our Mission:

“Positively disrupting the industry delivery processes to transform performance.”

Our Vision:

Superior outcomes from new delivery models featuring:

  • A client-led transformation by procuring for outcomes and value

  • Increased standardisation and pre-manufactured content

  • Digitally enabled integrated teams working collaboratively with long-term relationships and aligned commercial arrangements

Our Strategy - To drive the movement through 2020 and beyond.


Positioning the Constructing Excellence
movement in the right places with the right
stakeholders to transform performance.

Growing our membership

Adding value to our existing members and attracting the organisations that
can drive and enable change.

Delivering quality outputs

Consider how the outputs we create
provide greatest impact to drive change in the sector.


Increasing our profile in the right channels.

Knowledge & Data

Creating a hub of excellence, enabling members to share best practice and build on our KPI capability.


Nurturing and accelerating the
progress of future leaders with Generation4Change.

Collaboration with others

Working with the right organisations and bodies to deliver our mission and vision.


Creating the foundations and leadership to ensure clarity, consistency and quality.

At Constructing Excellence we believe that industry improvement will be driven by all sectors sharing, learning, working together and driving innovation to deliver a demonstrably better built environment.

Measuring Performance:

  •  Focussing on data, benchmarking and practical tools for change

Showcasing innovation and best practice through:

  • Pilot and demonstration projects
  • Regional and national awards programme

Connecting our networks more effectively for impact:

  • National, regional and local activity
  • The next generation through Generation4Change

Influencing and enabling sector policy by:

  • Working in partnership with other bodies to work in partnership with government including CLC and Industrial Strategy for a sector deal which makes a difference
  • Providing opportunities for Constructing Excellence and its members to be hard-wired into sector transformation

Who we are

Constructing Excellence

Alison Nicholl

Position: Head of Constructing Excellence
Categories: The National Team

Alison Nicholl

Head of Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence

Antoinette Campbell

Position: Membership Coordinator, Constructing Excellence
Categories: The National Team

Antoinette Campbell

Membership Coordinator, Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence

Sophie Bloye

Position: Insight and Engagement Coordinator
Categories: The National Team

Sophie Bloye

Insight and Engagement Coordinator

Our history:

We have a strong heritage dating back to the 1990s Latham and Egan reports and our more recent publications Never Waste a Good Crisis and Infrastructure in the New Era,  We have been delivering best-practice and knowledge transfer for more than 20 years.* In August 2016 we became part of the BRE group of companies.

*Constructing Excellence was formed in 2003 when the following bodies merged: Reading Construction Forum, Design Build Foundation, Construction Best Practice Programme, Movement for Innovation, Local Government Task Force, Rethinking Construction, BE, Construction Clients Group.