A1(M) Leeming to Barton

Constructing Excellence

The A1 Leeming to Barton project is a £ 400m major highways project that commenced in 2013. During the ECI phase (Contractor Review), an affordability challenge was placed on the integrated project team to deliver £ 50m savings to ensure the scheme continued to construction. This was successfully achieved and the ECI phase was delivered in just 12 months, far exceeding the performance of the designated accelerated delivery schemes.

During the construction phase, the interaction between design, procurement and construction was exemplary and by using innovative tools such as BIM and developing a truly seamless and integrated culture and approach, the project successfully mobilised, delivered the extensive design portfolio and commenced construction on time. This involved connecting design offices across Europe and creating a collaborative and disciplined meeting structure with our clients, stakeholders and supply chain to create an industry leading integrated project team.

The project team created a unique project charter, developing its own mission, vision and values underpinned by a truly challenging set of objectives that delivered success and ‘win-win’ outcomes for everyone involved. During construction, over 5500 people have been inducted onto the project and with an average head count of 750, a turnover of over £100m p/a and a material delivery every 1.8mins, creating consistency and seamless integration and collaboration across the entire project and with every single team member was pivotal to the project’s success.

Furthermore, the project team have successfully resolved over 3 potential years of Statutory Undertaker and archaeology delays to ensure the project is completed in the same calendar year as was originally planned.