A19 Testo’s Junction Improvement Scheme

Constructing Excellence


A19 Testo’s junction is a major roundabout junction connecting the A19 with the A184 in South Tyneside.  The project consisted of a 141-metre span flyover, new local road connections and public rights of way.  By completing this project, they have improved journey time, capacity, and safety for all drivers and cyclists.

The £125m improvements started site in March 2019, followed by a two-year programme with completion achieved one month early and within budget.  The work was completed, whilst rising to the challenges of maintaining traffic flows to and from the nearby Nissan manufacturing plant.  The team also faced substantial challenges, with over 60% of the project being delivered facing the challenges of social distancing and remote working – but still completed early.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Our project was committed to sustainable, local delivery with examples being that over 60% of the project living in the area and all steel in the beams came from UK sources in the North East.
  2. Our earthworks strategy was focussed around cost and carbon efficiency. As a total of 500,000 cubic metres of earth was moved, we demonstrated this by both re-using material from the A1058 Coast Road (saving 1250tCO2e). Some further efficiencies came as we saved £1.5m by reusing earth in the landscaping.
  3. Our strategy focussed on biodiversity with and 27,060 new plants native to the area. We also programmed work around great crested newts, nesting birds, bats and badgers.