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Respect for People Toolkits

Published 22nd October 2004 by Constructing Excellence

What is Respect for People?

Recruiting and retaining talented people is the most urgent business challenge facing the construction industry. Constructing Excellence partners seek to achieve radical improvements in performance within the construction industry. Change and improvement will only happen through people and in particular the efforts of the workforce. Providing respect and the right conditions to support their endeavours are essential.

Ultimately, Respect for People is about showing respect to our workforce, while simultaneously winning respect from them and from the general public. The results will benefit everyone.

In this section you will find information from the Respect for People program and information on the broader themes of workforce engagement, benchmarking, equality and diversity, health and safety and working environment.

Respect for People “A Framework for Action” – Final Report

In May 1999 the then Construction Minister, challenged the industry radically to improve its performance on people issues. In response Rethinking Construction’s Movement for Innovation established a Working Group to examine the issues associated with people in the industry and in November 2000 published – A Commitment to People “Our Biggest Asset”. This report identified seven priorities for action:

  • Workplace Diversity;
  • Site Facilities and the site working environment;
  • Health;
  • Safety;
  • Career development and lifelong learning;
  • The off-site working environment;
  • Behavioural issues.

“Rethinking Construction” identified ‘Respect for People’ as one of five drivers for change. The Respect for People programme set out to demonstrate to industry and its clients that ‘people’ issues are fundamental to business success.

The final report – ‘Respect for People – A Framework for Action‘ – fulfils the commitment to people. It reports on the trial programme, examines the business benefits and makes recommendations for action. The revised toolkits, a series of case studies illustrating how the toolkits and People Performance Indicators have provided a benefit, and a cross-mapping document – ‘Reaching the Standard‘ – show how the toolkits also support the achievement of several key industry standards, which include:

  • The Clients Charter
  • Investors in People
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme
  • Business Excellence Model
  • ISO 9000-2000
  • Benchmark Index

The revised toolkits are available online by subscription, including instructions for use, most include a questionnaire and/or checklist depending on and scoring systems as a measuring tool for benchmarking performance. They address the six ‘action themes’:

Theme Toolkit
Equality and Diversity in the Workplace Equality and Diversity in the Workplace Toolkit
Working Environment Working in Occupied Premises Toolkit & Working Environment Toolkit
Health Health and Safety Toolkit
Safety Health and Safety Toolkit
Career Development and Lifelong Learning Training Plan Toolkit
Worker Satisfaction Worker Satisfaction Toolkit

The report puts forward a strong business case for action, which hinges on the ‘3 Rs’ – firms who fail to improve their attitude and performance towards respecting their own people and others will fail to recruit and retain the best talent and business partners. To improve performance, it is important to involve, engage and empower everyone in the process. Without this, profitability will not improve and business will not be won.

The Business Case

Respect for People Business Case

An over-arching recommendation is that construction firms of all kinds and sizes should commit to achieving the standard of Investors in People.

Each year, Constructing Excellence publishes the Respect for People Key Performance Indicators which help organisations to measure and compare their performance against the rest of the UK construction industry and thus identify and prioritise areas for action. Once the priority areas have been recognised, the Respect for People Toolkits provide a more detailed evaluation and provide a focus for improvement action.

Respect for People Case Studies
Reaching the Standard
Respect for People – A Framework for Action
A Commitment to People “Our Biggest Asset”

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