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Best Practice Explorer Themes

Published 13th February 2006 by Constructing Excellence

This page provides links to all of the Business Improvement Themes available through the Constructing Excellence Gateway. For each theme, you will find an Introduction page and an Information Map with further links to sources of case study material, activities and advice on the benefits of adopting these best practices into your business.

Your Business Processes

Your Internal Culture

The theme of Your Internal Culture is about getting the best out of people through the development of a culture of openness, honesty, trust and respect that encourages and facilitates the contributions of all participants in successful delivery of projects to the mutual benefit of all those involved.

Your External Relations

Your external relations deal with your organisations dealings with suppliers, customers, partners, the community and the environment. Your external relationships determine not only how well your company runs, how profitable you are but also how you are seen in the wider community.

Key issues include:

  1. Understanding your clients and what they want
  2. Having effective relationships with your clients, your supply chain and the community
  3. Running your business and projects in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way

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