Constructing Excellence and BIM

At Constructing Excellence, we love BIM because you can’t use BIM effectively without adopting integrated working. At Constructing Excellence we have 12 years’ worth of evidence that shows that integrated working produces a better end result than traditional, sequential design-bid-build procurement, too often procured using lowest price. In late 2009 the membership of Constructing Excellence … Continue reading “Constructing Excellence and BIM”

CE Members’ Forum 08 October 2014

The engines that power our work to develop and promote excellence in the built environment supply chain are our members’ theme groups. At any time we have 7-8 theme groups, typically meeting every 2-3 months to keep up-to-date with relevant developments, decide how Constructing Excellence needs to make a difference, and then deliver or oversee … Continue reading “CE Members’ Forum 08 October 2014”

BIM standard – free to download (PAS 1192-2 – Building Information Modelling)

New standard for BIM to help meet 2016 Government savings target Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology is considered invaluable to the delivery of a construction project since it provides a common single and coordinated source of structured information throughout the lifecycle of a project. The Government has mandated that all construction companies tendering for Government … Continue reading “BIM standard – free to download (PAS 1192-2 – Building Information Modelling)”


Avanti was a project from 2001-5, which became the basis of the BIM British Standard BS1192. In July 2006, the Avanti DTI Project documentation and brand ownership was transferred to Constructing Excellence. Avanti is an approach to collaborative working that enables construction project partners to work together effectively. The principles of collaborative working the Avanti way are … Continue reading “Avanti”