About Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence is a platform for industry improvement to deliver excellence for clients, industry and users through collaborative working.

We are funded and governed nationally by corporate membership from leading edge clients, contractors, consultants, manufacturers and others committed to improving the industry’s performance.

We have a strong heritage dating back to the 1990s Latham and Egan reports and our more recent publications Never Waste a Good Crisis and Infrastructure in the New Era,  We have been delivering best-practice and knowledge transfer for more than 20 years.* In August 2016 we became part of the BRE group of companies.

Download the Constructing Excellence 2018 Annual Report to read more about our recent work.

*Constructing Excellence was formed in 2003 when the following bodies merged: Reading Construction Forum, Design Build Foundation, Construction Best Practice Programme, Movement for Innovation, Local Government Task Force, Rethinking Construction, BE, Construction Clients Group.