Wynne Construction

Constructing Excellence

With the passion and commitment to deliver excellence in our building designs and solutions Wynne Construction has achieved extraordinary success in 2017, resulting in a growth of 30% in turnover.

The catalyst for this growth was our successful bid to become a member contractor on the £200m North Wales Construction Framework, placing us in the enviable position of competing alongside four of the big national contractors for projects under the 21st Century School Framework.

Over the past 2 years, we have won 60% of the projects procured through the Framework, resulting in orders of over £100m.

Growth has also been achieved through developing best practice and by the adoption of BIM Level 2 technologies and standardised design solutions which align with Welsh Government targets.  Our commitment to this growth in turn creates sustainability for both the local North Wales economy and for our integrated, indigenous SME supply chain.

A capital investment of over £200k in BIM Level 2 software, hardware, and for training and development of our staff, highlights our commitment to the company and has been vital in enabling us to engage and educate our supply chain partners, our clients and design teams. We have held free workshops to train and develop our local supply chain partners and as a result, 30% are now BIM-mature and have worked closely with us on recent projects.

Our aim is to manage our sustained growth and remain a competitive Tier 1 contractor, aligning our building solutions to Welsh Government directives.