Wokingham Borough Council

Constructing Excellence

Wokingham Borough Council is true pioneer. This applies not only to their early adoption of and commitment to modern methods of construction (MMC), but also to their devotion to sustainability, collaborative working, collaborative learning and bettering their constituents’ lived experience.

Having worked with the Council for several years, across a variety of projects, it is safe to say each one is a true one of a kind. This is primarily because the Council and its representatives have taken a keen interest not only in the top level, but the day-to-day detail, striving for real understanding in order to push themselves and, in turn other councils, to do better. Their commitment to sustainability, innovation and modern methods of construction is truly exemplar, as showcased by work both on the award-winning Addington SEN School and the Dinton Activity Centre – the borough’s first ever net carbon asset.

Both projects have been the subject of ongoing interest from within the construction industry as well as the local community, but the Council have taken the wider opportunity to use them as case studies for other local authorities.

Having said all of that, Wokingham Borough Council have ensured that the lived experience of the local communities was held at the heart of each decision. This, alongside a commitment to sustainability, was the primary driver throughout every project to date, followed closely by the project timeline and budget. All projects together have delivered beyond expectation, thanks to this commitment by the council.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Wokingham Borough Council has been able to drive the delivery of amazing spaces for its constituents through strong leadership and willingness to continually push themselves, its project team and other local governments.
  2. Wokingham Borough Council’s early adoption of MMC has meant these spaces have been able to harness its strengths in a way that is primarily focused on improving the lived experience of local residents.
  3. Wokingham Borough Council have instigated several webinars and roundtable discussions in order to educate in-terested parties on the detail of these projects, in order to keep on pushing local authorities