Whole-lifecycle Asset Management Solution

Constructing Excellence

Our asset management solution operates from a secure dashboard interface which enables an interactive environment for our client’s Asset Management (AM) teams to understand real-time asset health and condition.

Within the dashboard, real-time telemetry data sources relay data critical to the operating state and condition of each part of the asset. These data streams can be aggregated and analysed by complex algorithms to display and communicate the asset state to AM team.

Utilising the solution, the AM team will be able to observe a world view of their overall estate, understanding visually their assets locations and their current condition and health.

The configurable dashboard interface and mobile application will both offer the same user experience ensuring that data is accessible all of the time. The integration of BIM and GIS data provides a holistic insight into both the enterprise, and the environment of which the assets are in, ensuring that non-graphical data sources will be viewable within an intuitive graphical environment. The overall aim being that all forms of data specific to each and every asset is viewable within the context of its overall environment and directly alongside sensor based data streams.