West Midlands Combined Authority & Black Country Growth Hub

Constructing Excellence

There is an unprecedented amount of regeneration taking place in our region, West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) (the commissioning client & governance for regeneration) are passionate that our landmark investments have a positive impact with work filtering down throughout the indigenous supply chain

HVM City: the Opportunity Gateway, is a collaborative effort by the WMCA and the Black Country Growth Hub to pull together contract opportunities centering on West Midlands regeneration. HVM City is an interactive supplier portal which allows businesses to compete for opportunities linked to big (public/private) projects

The Black Country Growth Hub are the driving force behind HVM City, a visionary supply chain engagement tool which makes the £multi-billion contract opportunities aligned to regeneration projects, more visible and accessible to regional businesses, filtering opportunities down the supply chain and nurturing inter-trading between local SMEs

WMCA and the Black Country Growth Hub deserve to win this award because no other region is doing more to support, prepare, showcase and improve its supply chain, creating 3D portals to market the West Midlands as a region of growth and a showcase for supply chain excellence.