Water, Mills and Marshes: Six Mile House Mill

Constructing Excellence

Our work to restore the drainage mill at Six Mile House on Halvergate Marshes has already won this year’s Norfolk Constructing Excellence Award for Preservation and Rejuvenation which confirms our belief that this is a winning entry! Over the last year, we have been able to transform a dilapidated historic drainage mill into a showcase project for the repair of such buildings, despite the many restrictions caused by the pandemic situation.  The project also exemplifies our mission to develop a new generation of local craftspeople with the necessary Heritage Skills to look after these unique monuments in the protected setting of the Broads National Park. The vast majority of the works were completed thanks to the enthusiasm, perseverance and professionalism of our two Heritage Construction Skills Apprentices, Brandon and Tom, and their dedicated Heritage Skills Training Supervisor, Sean.

They developed their skills in heritage brickwork and carpentry to restore the mill to a state that will last for many more decades to come. The level of their craftsman ship far exceeds what we anticipated, and they have been developing new skills in responsible procurement to fit within local authority guidelines as well as within the constraints set by national bodies like the Heritage Fund.

It is the combination of the uniqueness of the building and its setting, with the work by Heritage Construction Skills Apprentices that makes this project so special. Before and after photographs are a fantastic way of demonstrating the success of the project and sharing it with the industry.


Constructing Excellence Constructing Excellence