Washbox Global

Constructing Excellence

Construction sites actively manage solid waste but have overlooked their responsibility to manage liquid waste.

During construction, various finishing trade applicators wash their tools in water, typically using drinking water, which is then contaminated by the trades waste such as paint, plaster and grout before discharging the wash water to the sewer or taking the waste home with them for disposal.

These practices are limiting site productivity, negatively impacting our waterways and waste water biosolids, causing defects and costly rework.

Washbox is the worlds only multi trade solution to this global problem, saving 98% of the water used for tool washing and eliminating the discharge of liquid waste from site, through intelligent water recycling and waste removal.

Washbox was piloted by Overbury on the BP project in Canary Wharf London, in 2022. subsequently the technology was rolled out across Multiple projects in 2023 culminating in deployment on the CITI project at Canary Wharf which is ongoing.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Liquid waste from construction sites is impacting productivity and contributing to urban wastewater pollution problems
  2. Current practices for cleaning tools in drinking water are outdated and its time for sustainable innovation across the construction sector
  3. Washbox has proven that both construction sites and the environment will benefit from embracing a technology solution.