Use of interactive VR to improve planning and site logistic

Constructing Excellence

The VR application was developed to enable the Apex 1 project and its construction to be viewed in detail from multiple perspectives at critical times in the build sequence. It was used as a tool to visualise multiple programmes and designs, highlighting any issues and methods which would not be successful until a solution that resolved all critiques was found and developed in fine detail.

As well as facilitating the planning, design and preconstruction teams to successfully plan the methodology in detail and safety, the VR successfully enabled VINCI to convey to the client (VINCI Developments) exactly how we planned to build it. The ability to put on a headset and transport themselves onsite to see through the different phases of construction was a fabulous tool in visualising their project being built, was of great benefit to them, giving them the peace of mind, once visualised, to submit it for planning permission.

Additional benefits included:

  • Enabling the client to visualise a finished show flat, prior to construction.
  • Enabling us and the client to visualise the custom cladding methodology.

The VR headset could be successfully showcased at industry conferences, workshops or roundtable discussions, allowing industry members to experience the solution for themselves. It is also extremely useful as a training tool- we have used the headsets to train operatives to undertake tasks safely, including safe procedures for passing operational plant including 360 excavators.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Innovative digital project delivery.
  2. Use of VR technologies to enhance site logistic.
  3. Innovative bespoke solution.