University of the West of England Enterprise Zone

Constructing Excellence

UWEEZ was the largest exhibition space south of the NEC and was converted into a centre for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs to interact with academia. The 9m high open space consisted of a network of small units limiting our scope to use plant and access equipment for high level installations. The Robotics Labs ‘clean room’ environment needed to be kept operational during demolition requiring careful planning of diversions to existing services. Refurb projects are renowned for unforeseen issues and then overrunning. We couldn’t allow this to happen. We identified gaps causing programme risks but we developed access solutions to complete the survey improving the quality of the as built information. The project team continually used the Point Cloud to review the changing site environment and adapted to keep the programme on track. To successfully complete this project we explored many different programme solutions and reduced the preconstruction period to a minimum, giving the site team the best possible chance of delivering on time. We used 3D data to explore each solution robustly and identify the potential risks for delay and, in turn, remove them so the site team could concentrate on delivering this fast track project.