Totally Modular Pilot Scheme for Citizen Housing

Constructing Excellence

The ‘Littlethorpe’ project was a modular pilot scheme for Citizen Housing. Totally Modular delivered a full turnkey solution whereby we transformed a redundant infill site, suffering from blight,  into two new, eco energy efficient houses (1 X 2B4P, 1 X 3B5P). The houses were installed onsite in less than 48 hours and received EPC ratings of 97&98 which grades them at an A+ rating compared to the national average of a D rating.  The houses were completed offsite within a controlled factory, they exceeded building regulations therefore providing higher manufacturing solutions with lower risk and greater speed, cost-effectiveness and consistency.

Citizen have identified up to 120 garage sites located in Coventry which have the potential to provide up to 650 new homes. Recognising the impact on surrounding communities in delivering these small infill sites the decision was made to explore modular construction options, as they were not commercially viable for traditional development.

Constructing Excellence

There were multiple sustainability benefits to this project:

  • Both houses scored a 98/100 Co² rating, predicting each house will only generate just 2 tonnes of Co²  every year, compared to a UK average of 6 tonne.
  • The offsite production reduces waste by up to 80% and helps reduce CO2by 50% when compared to traditional site construction.
  • No gas- goodbye dirty energy!
  • The solar panels with battery backup guarantee residents a 20% saving on their fuel bills which will help combat fuel poverty.
  • An ASHP and MVHR system to manage air quality.
  • Increased wall insulation as a fabric first solution.
  • Reduced our carbon footprint through reduced deliveries to site.

What’s even more impressive is that these homes didn’t have any fancy triple glazing or special doors. Just air tight units with the correct innovation (MVHR, Solar PV & ASHP). Much easier to implement in a factory setting than a building site. This also significantly aligns to the government’s ambitions for greener and more energy efficient houses.

Constructing Excellence

Further to the innovative ECO add-ons, innovative practises were utilised throughout the process such as DfMA and BIM. We used BIM daily to visualise elements within our design and production process to ensure an efficient, streamlined approach from design to manufacture.

In addition to this to support increased fiscally secure delivery, the completed homes are mortgageable by having a ‘Council of Mortgage Lenders’ certificate.  The properties are also BOPAS registered which provides assurance to the lending community that innovatively constructed properties maintain the highest levels of quality assurance throughout the process and ensure their construction systems are approved for integrity, durability and performance and have a long life.

“I have been to a number of modular sites, but these are the most impressive I have seen.” Robert Dodds – Homes England.

“I was greatly impressed not only with the quality of the finished product but also with the speed in which it had been assembled and then constructed. I believe that such innovation is vital if we are to get a grip on the demand for housing in Britain.” Jim Cunningham MP

Key achievements

  • Demonstrated our offering as we transformed a non-commercially viable site for traditional developments into a commercially viable site for 2 energy, efficient, affordable homes (1 X 2B4P, 1 X 3B4P).
  • Final finished homes achieved EPC rating of 97 & 98 (A + Rating) which exceeded our expectations and national standard average being a D rating. It also has reduced the resident’s fuel costs, allowing more disposable income to be readily available for them.
  • Speed of delivery from receipt of contract to delivery. The overall process took 26 weeks, however the manufacturing of the houses only took 13 weeks, with a 2 day installation process.