Feedback to Unsuccessful Candidates

Feedback to candidates who are not short-listed:

  • Advise why unsuccessful
  • Invite unsuccessful candidates to discuss their PQQ.

Advise Why Unsuccessful

Advise unsuccessful firms why they have not been short-listed. Remember this will be useful for the candidates to guide future submissions and should focus on constructive comments. Stress that they have not necessarily failed, but simply that the panel considered that, on this occasion, others were better suited for short-listing.

Invite Unsuccessful Candidates to Discuss their PQQ

Invite unsuccessful candidates to a meeting with you to discuss their PQQ submission. The candidates who take you up on this offer are most likely those who really want to improve, so give them as much help as you can.

However, maintain caution and ensure feedback is strictly limited to information obtained from their evaluation. This is to prevent unsuccessful candidates ‘fishing’ for information ‘leaked’ from competitor’s PQQs.

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