Tilbury Douglas Construction

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At Tilbury Douglas, Health, Safety & Wellbeing is integral to their operations and firmly embedded within all their business processes.

Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees has always been of paramount importance to Tilbury Douglas and requires constant focus. The aim is to be the best in the field, ensuring the workforce, and those affected by the activities, go home to their families safe and well, every single day.

Committed to the highest standards, their Health & Safety records are in the upper quartile for the whole of the Construction Industry.

Their West Midlands Region have achieved zero AIR in 2021, commencing their 5th consecutive RIDDOR-free year.

Fostering a proactive and fully immersive safety culture, their primary objective is the safety of their employees and supply chain. Their commitment is underpinned by policy, cultural and behavioural initiatives as well as being linked to performance KPI’s and bonus incentive.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Their West Midlands Region has achieved zero AIR for 2021 & now commencing their 5th consecutive year of zero RIDDOR’s
  2. Their ongoing commitment to Health Safety & Wellbeing is evident with their Health & safety record are in the upper quartile for the Construction Industry.
  3. They have been training members of our teams as mental health first aiders (MHFA), who can provide help and support to colleagues as and when required. So far, they have trained over 150 people across the business and have 24 MHFA’s across the Midlands (1 to every 5 members of staff), their aim is to have at least one MHFA for each of their sites and offices.